Team Based Training for Speed, Strength, Power and Agility.

When great team coaching is coupled with great fitness coaching elite results are achieved.

I really enjoy working with coaches to develop their team. I have a full range of programs for this from doing team training sessions (for speed power and agility) 1-2 times a week, to developing a periodized sport specific annual training program that is fully integrated with the coach's system and goals. I did this extensively at Weber State University with several of the teams and the results were spectacular. Injury rates dropped dramatically, and performance increased. In those years more athletes in those sports turned pro than in any other time.

Elite Teams Trained:

  • Weber State University Men’s Basketball Teams Big Sky Champs, 2003 NCAA Championship finalists
  • Weber State University Women’s Basketball Teams Big Sky Champs, 2003, 2003,2004, NCAA Championship finalists
  • WSU Women’s Soccer Team-Big Sky Championsip Finalists-2003, 2004
  • WSU- Women's Volleyball Team
  • USA Women's Bobsled Team
  • US Ski Team
  • Illini Elite Volleyball Team
  • Illinois Juniors Volleyball Team
  • University of New Hampshire Women's Lacrosse Team
  • University of New Hampshire Women's Field Hockey Team
  • University of New Hampshire Track and Field
  • Revolution Lacrosse Club

Local Teams:

  • Bow High School Girls Soccer Team
  • Barley House Wolves Hurling Team
  • Concord High School Nordic Team
  • Granite State Racing Team