"If you have the will and perseverance, 

I have the expertise and tools to develop your athletic potential to the fullest."

I believe in developing the foundation, address injury risk factors, impairments in movement and mobility, then advance the program from there. Inherent in this process it is important to  to keep the training process creative and engaging. All of my programs are science based. They start with a thorough athlete evaluation then planning meeting. From there I develop an integrated training plan that works on developing movement mechanics (running, jumping and reaction mechanics) strength, speed, power, agility, mobility and endurance. I take into account the athlete's goals, competition schedule, and timeline. Athletic performance gains do not happen in 2-3 weeks, but over months. Most all of my current athletes I have worked with over the past 4-5 years. 

One of my operational tenets is Humans are More Important than Hardware (credited to Charlie Beckwith).

This applies to athlete development; a great coach or athlete does not need a million dollar facility to develop, but rather a hard work ethic, strong expertise/guidance, a good plan, and perseverance. These skills are mutually applicable to sport, life, school, and the battlefield.

I work with all levels and age athletes. From coaching championship teams for many years I know you cannot build a team off the top 5% level athletes. What drives a team's success is the comprehensive development of all the athletes. Depth wins. If you take your #10 and #12 level athletes/players and develop them to the level of your top 3, that is where the team wins it's championships. I have been very successful in developing the average talented hardworking athlete to the elite level. If you have elite talent then the sky is the limit.