Training for Distance Running, Triathlon,  and Nordic Skiing 

Endurance athletes' performance can be greatly improved from comprehensive athletic development. Given the nature of their sports, there is a higher incidence of over-use injuries, and an predilection to use very traditional methods of training. With many of the conventional training methods there can be a tendency to get stuck in long term plateaus. I have extensive elite coaching experience with developing running, sprinting, and nordic skiing technicnique. I have developed many athletes to the elite level, and worked at developing elite athletes on the US National Teams for running and nordic skiing.

I have found every endurance athlete can benefit from improved muscle force output. This can be developed through mobility, strength, and power, training. Adding in these elements into your training  program in a well integrated manner will yield fantastic results. For many years these methods of training were not widely accepted in the US, research and results from elite athletes from Europe have shown this is now a necessity to be competitive in endurance sports and to be injury free.

Over the years I have directed sport training centers in different regions of the country. After moving I would have many athletes contact me about continuing their training. Given that I developed a training plan service. Although long distance coaching is not the ideal coach-athlete option frequently it is better than the alternative. With good communication it can be very effective, especially with today's real-time communication systems to review running or skiing technique.

My Endurance Coaching Background: I have been coaching and competing in endurance sports (cycling, running, Nordic skiing and triathlon) for over 20 years. I raced Cycling and Nordic at the NCAA DI level, then have continued Nordic racing ever since. I have used conventional models of training and more advanced integrated training systems. There is no doubt that multidimensional training develops far superior performances.