Ski Academy Level Athlete Development and Coaching at a Fraction of the Cost

I offer year round athlete development for skiers.  My philosophy is to focus on long term performance development and a passion for the process. Elite skiers are not developed in 2-3 years.  Programs that attempt this usually have fast short term results but poor long term results, and very high skier burn-out percentages.  


Individualized and Team Based Nordic Training I have been coaching and racing nordic for over 20 years.  I am an exercise physiologist, and apply an extensive background from this expertise to athlete development. People don't seek medical care from bankers, so why would you invest your training dollars in a coach without a formal education in sport science?   For Nordic Skiing I offer individualized and team based training options. I believe in comprehensive athlete development,  especially at the high school level great athletes are developed with a variety of well targeted training experiences and methods.  Every athlete will have bottlenecks in their performance. I specialize in comprehensive athlete evaluation to determine these bottlenecks, then will work with the skier to develop a multidimensional periodized training plan to best meet their goals.  Multi-dimensional refers to the integration of  endurance, speed, power, strength, mobility, technical, nutritional, and psychological components into a synergistic plan so all of the training variables work together in a well planned system. 

Evaluation Services: 

-Functional Movement Screen

-Lactate Testing

 -Biomechanical Analysis

 Training Services:

-Individualized Training Plan Development

 -Individual or Small Group Training/Coaching

-Race Support-Eastern Cup race support, waxing, and coaching

-Summer Training Programs


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Nordic Coaching Background: Stuart Kremzner, MS, CSCS, FMSII-has coached and raced in nordic skiing for over 20years. He has coached at Hanover and Concord High Schools where he won 13 State Championships. He has coached  J2, EHS Teams and  at many NENSA/USST Elite development camps. He also was a developer of the USSA and NENSA coaches education curriculum. Prior to moving back to NH, Stuart consulted with the US Ski Team developing aerobic testing protocols , and working with the sprint groups in developing their strength, speed, and power training programs. Professionally he is an exercise physiologist who directed and started up several of the Nation’s premier sports training/sports medicine facilities in Utah and Illinois. During his tenure there he trained many junior, elite, and professional athletes. He also was on the faculty of Weber State University where he taught exercise science and applied sport training courses.  As a skier Stuart has been ranked among the top Masters skiers in Utah and New England.