Q:  What does E3SP do?

A:  I train athletes to be the best they can be, based upon their individual bodies, skill levels and interest. My programs are custom-designed for your body type and your specific sport’s physical demands to help you reach your full potential.

Q:  How do you train athletes?

A:  I train athletes to improve their movement skills, specifically speed, power and agility, through training programs  I’ve developed based on years of research and experience  learning how the body responds to different methods of training.  I’ve helped develop the full potential of over 3000 athletes in closely monitored workouts. 

Q: What is the difference between Conditioning and what you  do?

A: Conditioning is the base phase of athletic development, I develop this base in athletes and much, much more. Frequently I see well conditioned athletes that are fit but not fast, or agile or as injury resistant as they could be with more individualized training. Sport is not just a fitness contest, it requires many different athletic abilities.  Our extensive evaluation will pinpoint what you need to focus on to improve your performance significantly.  I specialize  in developing athletes not over one month, but over years as they mature and develop. Many trainers tend to focus om the butt kicking side of conditioning, most anyone can do this. Frequently I am referred these athletes by physicians after they are injured due to a poorly designed program. Don't let your college athletic career be lost due to preventable injuries.

Q: If I am already in-season for my sport can E3SP training still help me?

A: Yes!  I am very cautious about training athletes in-season. That said I can work with athletes on certain aspects of their performance to tune them and keep them developing through their competitive season, so you keep getting faster.  If you are coming back from an injury I can also develop a corrective exercise program for you so I can minimize the risk of future injuries. 

Q:  Do you train  or Consult with Teams? What Teams have you worked with?

A: Yes!  I have worked with many teams in the region, and are club/ team neutral regarding training opportunities.  The following teams I have worked with -NH Junior Monarchs (3 years), Concord High School Football (2 years), Express U16 Girls Academy Team (2 years), Bow Girls Varsity Soccer Team (3 years), UNH Field Hockey (select players) (2 years), UNH Women's Lacrosse (2 years).  I work with the team coaches to build better athletes, with this continuity teams will achieve top results, the proof is in the results!

Q:  How is E3SP Training better than doing lifting at my local gym?

A:  E3SP programs are science based and individualized.  Each athlete has an individualized sport specific program designed to take their performance to a higher level.  This is based upon addressing the bottle-necks in their performance  be it strength, flexibility, power, movement mechanics and speed.